10 Reasons why you should experience TMS for your trucking business today

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As the saying goes, it is better to work smarter, not harder. It is pretty clear that every trucking company owner strives to work more efficiently, and a TMS is a perfect option.

Transportation Management System or TMS is a platform that uses technology to help companies plan, gather all documentation, carry out, optimize the physical movement of goods, and confirm that the shipment is complete. A TMS provides visibility into daily transportation operations. Thus, if you want to stay organized and efficient, opt for TMS Software.

Below, we’ll highlight 10 reasons to use TMS today. 


#1 Reduced freight expenses. A TMS can keep costs down through analytics and optimization. With supply chain simplification and reducing errors, a TMS can help you save money on fuel, labor, and other expenses. A TMS can help you lower fuel consumption and costs for maintenance or other different expanses. 

#2 Boost supply chain efficiency. A TMS comes in handy to become more productive and do more in less time. A TMS deals with load planning, invoicing, and billing. Thus, your team can focus on other necessary duties. 

#3 Real-time tracking. A TMS allows for capturing drivers’ locations and shipments in real time. It also helps check multiple to-the-minute metrics like fuel loss, over-accelerating, stops, etc. In addition, it helps quickly react to requests and coordinate the trip without delays, thus facilitating on-time shipment.

#4 Improved customer service. You can also keep your customer informed about the status of their shipments and make sure that goods deliver on time. A driver-focused mobile application can offer a to-the-minute tracking feature that helps you monitor shipments. These capabilities increase loyalty, enhance service, and help you to build trust and trustworthiness with your customer.

#5 Meaningful analytics. All the logistics information passes through the TMS, and you can transform data into actionable reports and dashboards. With a TMS, you can see freight cost per item to make strategic changes. These dashboards help logistics professionals stay on top of key metrics that impact a bottom line.

#6 Improved communication. A TMS helps to get in touch with drivers in real-time, improving collaboration. A TMS allows you to send messages, instructions, and updates to drivers. You can also use a TMS to share documents, reports, and other information with your team, making it easier to stay organized and informed.

#7 Enhanced routing & dispatch execution. A TMS allows you to optimize routes and communicate with drivers more efficiently. After analyzing different metrics, a TMS can help you select the best path and monitor drivers on the road. It makes sense if you want to reduce mileage, fuel consumption, and other operating costs.

#8 Complex solution.  In TMS, all the features are down to the smallest detail. You have access to shipment, freight information, billing, and other metrics at once you need it. It is vital when you need to make essential decisions and reduce risks. 

#9 Access to regulations. A TMS allows you to monitor data such as driver working hours, vehicle maintenance, and cargo weight. It guarantees that you will be in obedience to regulations. It can help you avoid punishments and keep your reputation clean.

#10 Planning and decision-making. A TMS can help schedule and optimize your transportation operations. It can automate route planning and load optimization to discover the most efficient and cost-effective way to haul. A TMS provides valuable data to help you make informed decisions about your transportation network. A TMS helps to optimize the working process accurately and thus grow your business.

By leveraging TMS, everything is transparent. Trucking companies that aim to grow and keep up with logistic requirements choose a Transportation Management System. 

Stay organized and efficient with Atlassys TMS. 

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It is 100% cloud based – so you have no hardware to buy, no installations, and no setup headaches.

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