Fleet Management

From rising fuel costs to the creeping inflation of parts, equipment, and maintenance costs, fleet management for your growing business has become more challenging than ever before.

Fleet Management

From dispatching and routing to maintenance and compliance, fleet management is the linchpin that keeps your transportation business running smoothly.

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It is 100% cloud based – so you have no hardware to buy, no installations, and no setup headaches.

It is 100% cloud based – so you have no hardware to buy, no installations, and no setup headaches.

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At its core, fleet management is responsible for the efficient operation and maintenance of a company’s fleet of vehicles. But its role extends far beyond that. With Atlassys TMS and expert fleet management, transportation companies can optimize their operations for maximum efficiency and profitability. This includes real-time tracking, intelligent routing, streamlined maintenance, and compliance management.

By leveraging the power of fleet management within a TMS, transportation companies can deliver exceptional service to their customers, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, fleet management is the key to unlocking the full potential of your transportation operations.

Fleet management is the backbone of your transportation operations, and the key to success in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment.

Popular questions about fleet management

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What does Fleet Management include?

In the Fleet Management module you can create pages for all your trucks and trailers, add documents, expiration dates, track use history and much more.

Can I use Samsara with your TMS?

Yes you can use Samsara with Atlassys TMS

Can I see what costs were associated with the truck?

Yes you can check all Costs associated with the truck or trailer using the Fleet Management module.

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