Trip Calculator

Keeping an eye on the transport costs is one of the most important tasks for any transportation company. We help you with it.

Trip Calculator

Atlassys TMS leaves nothing to guesswork, accounting for loading and unloading time at pickup and delivery points. You can also account for other trip expenses including driver salary to see the total estimated trip cost as well as estimated profit at a glance.

Easily project an accurate delivery time that anticipates the time your driver needs to complete the pickup from their current location and the time needed to make the delivery, including out of service hours if applicable.

Atlassys TMS also lets you add additional pickups and deliveries to the route, maximizing efficiency, while still providing instant cost and time calculations for the entire trip.

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It is 100% cloud based – so you have no hardware to buy, no installations, and no setup headaches.

It is 100% cloud based – so you have no hardware to buy, no installations, and no setup headaches.

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Locate the Nearest Truck with Atlassys TMS

Enter the zip code for pickup and Atlassys TMS finds the nearest truck with a click of a button.

Google Maps integration gives you an instant visual of driver locations on a zoomable map. You can also hover over map pointers to find the vehicle number of trucks shown on the map. Select the vehicle from a dropdown menu to see the driver for that vehicle.

Say goodbye to guesswork. With Atlassys TMS, you’ll be able to accurately calculate trip time, expenses, and profit with just a few clicks.

Other Trip Calculator Features

Atlassys TMS lets you set every detail and get a fast, accurate detail of trip stats to aid your dispatch decision. You’ll have the information you need to make commitments or pass on pickups that don’t fit, so you can communicate with customers quickly.

  • Set date and time for initial location, pickups, and deliveries
  • Set time zone for initial location, pickups, and deliveries
  • Set cargo weight and volume
  • Get instant calculations with one click, including:
    • Empty miles
    • Empty miles transit time
    • Total trip miles
    • Total trip transit time
    • Total driving hours and total transit hours
    • Rate per mile (before deductions)
    • Rate per mile (after deductions)
    • Rate per mile (trip miles only)
    • Miles to delivery
    • Broker miles
    • Broker CPM

Easily View Driver Details

Track hours of service at a glance with color-coded visual representations of driver service hours.

  • Driving
  • Break
  • Shift
  • Cycle

Estimated Working Profit

Know your margin before you commit. The Atlassys TMS Trip Calculator gives you the information you need to make a decision without delay and without committing to a trip that might not be profitable.

Instantly view calculated numbers for:

  • Driver salary
  • Estimated fuel costs
  • Estimated tolls
  • Total estimated costs
  • Estimated profit for the trip

Easily Create a Load or Trip

If the numbers work, create a load or load and trip with one click right from the Atlassys TMS Trip Calculator screen to start tracking the trip. If you’re an owner of a trucking company looking to improve your efficiency and profitability, consider investing in a trip calculator and other solutions of Atlassys TMS today.

Popular questions about trip calculator

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What does the Trip Calculator do?

You can evaluate profitability of the load.

Can I see the Trip on a map?

Yes we have google map integrated.

Does calculation include fuel and tolls costs?

Yes, fuel and tolls costs are also calculated and included into the evaluation result.

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